Kumbhak therapy for respiratory ailments

Reverse Respiratory Ailments like (Asthma, COPD) with Kumbhak therapy. Take charge of your health.

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Kumbhak Therapy for Respiratory Ailments

Respiratory problems are either infectious or chronic in nature. In either case, it means the strength of the lungs is compromised. Weak lungs can result from the effects of external environment, low internal resilience and the effects of many chemical medicines which cause dehydration in the system.

Generally Respiratory Ailments can be put in a few categories.  These involve Blocked Airways, Thickening of Lung Tissues, Problems in Blood Flow, Irritated or weak lungs.

Blocked/Weakened Airways Thickened Tissues Problems in Blood Flow Irritated Lungs Low Immunity Other Issues: Weak Lungs
  • Phlegm Deposits
  • Emphysema
  • Lung Fibrosis
  • COPD
  • Bronchitis
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Allergy
  • Asthma
  • Frequency Lung Infections
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pneumonia
  • - Weak Memory
    - Low Immunity
    - Autoimmune Conditions
    - Low Energy
    - Fatigue
    - Weak heart Function
    - Acidity
    - Poor Digestion
    - Addictions

    Respiratory Problems: The Kumbhak Perspective

    Kumbhak therapy treats respiratory ailments form the perspective of targeting the weak aspect that causes respiratory issues.

    The therapy is designed around strengthening the Kurma Sthana. The place or point from which the lungs and heart derive power to function is Kurma. Because of Kurma, the body is able to facilitate exchange of air or the process of respiration. Many factors can lead to the weakening of the Kurma Sthana. This could be because of weak detox, imbalance in the breathing rhythm, low intake capacity, weak formation and functioning of lungs, other weakened organs or functions. Both the external and internal environment play a role in this.

    While very little can be done about the external environment in a short period of time, a lot can be done to fix the strength, balance and rhythm of the system so that the body or the respiratory apparatus can build strength to survive in the current external environment.

    Kumbhak therapy is designed to help build the internal strength so that the body’s dependence on chemical medicines can be reduced and eventually removed.

    Building Respiratory Strength with Kumbhak Therapy

    This is done by building the 6 balas (strengths) on which the body is built and functions.

    Mano Bala: System Data Management
    Every system is built and functions on a certain software. A disturbance in this can cause a system to function below par and even affect organ formation.

    Ojus Bala: Strengthening raw material of the system
    Ojus is the force needed to strengthen the raw material used to make the human body.

    Agni Bala: The transformative force which can also be equated to metabolism. This happens at the level of cells, organs and organ functioning.

    Dhatu Bala: Improving the density of tissues. Without dhatu bala, tissues and muscles can disintegrate.

    Dosh Bala: The ability to bounce back from an unstable condition. Strengthening this helps in recovery from chronic and even infectious ailments. Dependence on chemical medicines and altered genetically modified food has weakened this ability among other factors.

    Deh Bala: The efficiency of the body for dynamic activities. Human beings have managed to reduce this ability drastically, thanks to a life of convenience and polluted earth, water and air. This in turn impacts the sub-par organ strength and functioning.

    Shadang Prathistha: Kumbhak Therapy for Respiratory Ailments

    A 6 weeks program, in which 6 vital strength building practices are taught in online classes. It also involves the Prana Shakti Diagnosis used to determine the weakest aspect which is causing problems. The practices taught are then customized as per an individual system.

    Kumbhak Therapy For Respiratory Ailments

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    Kumbhak Therapy For Respiratory Ailments

    Program Experience & Format

    Class Group All enrolled participants are added to a special WhatsApp Class Group. The Group is the main forum for sharing of Instructions, Class Links, along with email.
    Medium of Delivery The Program is conducted through live online sessions (On Zoom).
    It can be attended through Laptop/Mobile.
    Having a good internet connection is must.
    Being user-friendly or familiar with Zoom, Emailing, PDFs is helpful.
    Languages Used The Program is conducted in English & Hindi. Written Instructions are shared in English & Hindi
    Class Content Live Sessions are conducted with the help of Videos & Live Instructors The instructors (mentors) watch you to see if the practices are being done correctly and with ease.
    Session Recordings Access to Session Recordings is shared with all participants via WhatsApp class group and e-mail The recordings access is available for a year.
    Practice Sessions They are conducted as per an announced schedule. Please note that Practice Sessions are not recorded. These sessions are for practice revisions and corrections of aspects covered in the Main Sessions.
    However, recording and instructions of anything taught new is shared with all participants.
    Group Mentors The class group is supported by a team of Practice as well as Technology Support Mentors. These are trained Kumbhak Practitioners who conduct the main as well as Practice Sessions.
    They observe participants in the Live Session.
    They Conduct Practice Sessions
    Clarify Doubts.
    They post information in the WhatsApp Group/Email.
    They are also available for clarifications via phone/video call from 9 am – 8 pm

    Please note: They are group mentors, not mentors for individuals.

    What All You Get in the Program

    • Total 22 Live Sessions in 3 Months
    • 3 Main Learning Classes
    • 19 Guided Practice Correction Sessions after the Learning Classes (Morning & Evening)
    • Mentor Support for Practices 9 AM – 8 PM, 7 Days a Week
    • Guided Practice Sessions
    • Session Video Access for minimum 1 year.
    • Written instructions in English & Hindi
    • Unique Pran Shakti Diagnosis for Root Cause Determination
    • Customised Kumbhak as per your system
    • 40 days Mandala Support for establishing your practices in your system.
    • 21 Days Challenge: To break physical and psychological barriers.
    • Hatha Kumbhak Practices
    • Ritucharya: Guidelines to manage your system throughout the year.
    • Diet Management without a Diet Plan.
    • Special Extra Sessions Every Month and even after 3 months – Once in a lifetime meditation on every Purnima Utsav.

    Continued Consulting Support for Practices Even After 3 Months


    Pre-class Orientation - 11th May 24, Saturday at 6 PM

    1st Main Class : 12-May-24, Sunday at 12 PM

    2nd Main Class : 17-May-24, Friday at 7 AM

    3rd Main Class : 24-May-24, Friday at 7 AM

    4th Main Class : 31-May-24, Friday at 7 AM

    5th Main Class : 7th-June-24, Friday at 7 AM

    6th Customization Class : 14th-June-24, Friday at 7 AM

    Final Concluding Session -21st June 2024, Friday 6 PM

    Note: The above schedule of practice class may change later due to unavoidable circumstances, any change in schedule is notified in advance in class group.


    Pre-class Orientation - 11th May 24, Saturday at 6 PM

    1st Main Class : 12-May-24, Sunday at 12 PM

    2nd Main Class : 19-May-24, Sunday at 12 PM

    3rd Main Class : 26-May-24, Sunday at 12 PM

    4th Main Class : 02-June-24, Sunday at 12 PM

    5th Main Class : 9th-June-24, Sunday at 12 PM

    6th Customization Class : 16th-June-24, Sunday at 12 PM

    Final Concluding Session -21st June 2024, Friday 6 PM

    Note: The above schedule of practice class may change later due to unavoidable circumstances, any change in schedule is notified in advance in class group.

    FAQs on Kumbhak Therapy For Respiratory Ailments

    Most frequent questions and answers

    1. Is 6 weeks enough to come of a respiratory ailment?

    Yes and No. Depending on the body’s healing capacity some people are able to leave inhalers, nebulizers and oral medicine within 6 weeks. Majority of the people experience increase in their energy levels, digestion, sleep, breathing capacity, better functioning – all these are indicators of improved health. Some people will need more time- from months to a year or more.

    2. Can I get rid or polyps or fibroids with Kumbhak Therapy?

    Polyps and fibroids indicative of thickening of lung tissues. This is body’s response to risk factors. Once the body gains resilience against these risk factors, it will need to form polyps for fibroids.

    3. Can I come out of asthma/allergies and their medicines?

    Asthma and/or allergies are indicative of weak lungs. Any weak entity stops itself from mixing with other entities. These are also indicative of low intake or low acceptance in the system.
    By improving the lung strength, one can come out of asthma and allergies. The same holds true for inhalers and other medicines – with Kumbhak, one can reduce and remove dependence on them.

    4. Can a person with Asthma, BP, heart condition, lung issues do kumbhak practices?

    A person in asthma, BP, or heart condition means they have lost the hold over their lung or heart function. By not doing anything about these, a person will forever suffer the condition and be on medicine for life. Therefore, a person with these conditions must do kumbhak practices as prescribed in the Kumbhak Therapy. By slowly building their hold or Kumbhak over weakened functioning, they can come out of the problem and will not need any medicine.

    5. In pranayama, Kumbhak (breath hold) is not advised for patients? How does Kumbhak work in that case?

    Breath hold is used by everyone in daily life, even if they have heart condition or not. When we get up from a chair, pull someone, push someone, lift something, or even focus on a point, our breath gets held. In our program, you build capacity as per comfort.

    Pranayama is done for muktki or dissolution, it’s not a therapy. In fact, in yogic practices, kumbhaka is not encouraged initially. To apply this in all spheres of life is not correct.

    6. How much time is needed to do Shadaang Pratishtha Kumbhak practices?

    It can take 30-40 minutes if all practices are done together. Initially or some people will take more time depending on the comfort and capacity. However, the practices are flexible, as in one can always break them. One can do a few in the morning and a few at other times in the day.

    7. I suffered from Covid. After that my lung capacity seems to be compromised. Will Kumbhak Therapy help.

    Many people suffered Covid and its after effects because of low immunity and weakened lung strength thanks to steroid treatment and vaccination. As per WHO many are still at the risk of heart disease too. With Kumbhak therapy, one can increase one’s immunity and lung strength. This will make the system resilient against future infections and adverse effects of medicines taken.

    8. Does Kumbhak Therapy work for all age groups in respiratory problems?

    Yes. However, for many complete and faster recovery may depend on the healing capacity and the strength left after consuming chemical medicines for years.

    9. I have wind pipe fitted for oxygen support. Can I join?

    Yes. Slowly you can build your capacity and reduce your dependence on oxygen support.

    10. I have had surgery/bypass/angioplasty done? Can I do Kumbhak?

    Yes, you can as it is done gently and as per capacity. Your customization will also help build the strength of the weakened aspects.

    11. Any Guarantee of Reversing the Condition??

    A The doctor also does not guarantee anything. Anyways by taking medicine you are not reversing your condition.

    Kumbhak is the only way of reversing your condition as it helps you build functional and organ strength.

    Reversal in 6 weeks is not guaranteed but reversal is guaranteed (the time period will vary from 3 months to 6 months to 1 year or may be more than that also.) If in 3 years you can reverse all your problems, is this a bad deal?

    For more questions related to individual conditions, visit our YouTube channel.
    Link………..to Shadaang QnA