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Kumbhak Therapy For BP & Heart Care

In Kumbhak Therapy, Blood Pressure is an imbalance of the Vyana Vayu or Vayana factor and Heart Problems are an imbalance in the Dakshinagni factor.

Blood Pressure & Heart Problems: The Kumbhak Therapy Perspective

Blood Pressure = Imbalance of the Vyaan Vayu

In Kumbhak Science blood pressure is not considered as the pressure of the blood. When blood pressure is measured, it is done by squeezing of the tissues and cells. So where is the pressure of the blood? As per the laws of fluid dynamics too, laminar flow cannot create vertical or horizontal pressure on the walls of the arteries. This fact is being acknowledged by modern scientific research too.

Vyana is the maintenance or the preservative factor. It’s also the optimal pressure needed at the cellular level for exchange of material – be it nutrients or waste. When this factor becomes weak, the system loses its ability to relax in tough conditions. This leads to the body either showing symptoms of high blood pressure or low blood pressure or fluctuations in blood pressure. These include pain in the back region of the neck and head, dizziness and a sinking feeling in case of low pressure.

Heart Problems = Imbalance in the Dakshinagni Factor

Medically heart problems include LVH, Arterial Fibrosis, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Heart attack, Heart failure, Arrhythmia, Heart Valve Complications, Blockages, etc. Many of these are not understood by people facing the issues. However, everyone understands the symptoms related to these. The symptoms of heart problems include Breathlessness, Shortness of Breath, Giddiness, Nausea, Cold Sweat, chest pain.  

All of these are resultants of something that has become weak. In Kumbhak sciences it is called Dakshinagni. This is responsible for the health and efficient functioning of the heart.

To understand this from the perspective of symptoms – Heart problems means The ability to push yourself without disturbing your normal health parameters (like breath, heartbeat, pulse rate etc.) has become weak.

Reversing Blood Pressure and Heart Problems
with Kumbhak Therapy

Most therapies use medicine, diet and exercise as main components to bring down and maintain blood pressure levels. They do not focus on the factors causing symptoms of blood pressure. 
People with heart conditions are advised surgeries or given medicines and told not to do any heavy activity. This does not give the heart an opportunity to strengthen itself.

Kumbhak Therapy focusses on re-establishing the strength of the Vyana Vayau and Dakshinagni for BP and heart respectively. This is done with specialized Kumbhak Therapy methods targeted at rejuvenating these two aspects. So, Kumbhak Therapy focuses on strengthening these two factors not management of levels alone.

Plus, there are two differentiators that makes Kumbhak Therapy unique.

  • Prana Shakti Diagnosis for root cause determination. This helps in identifying the weakest aspect causing problems in the system.
  • Customised Practices or solutions: By identifying the weakest aspect, practices are customized as per individual systems and the kumbhak method is directed towards re-gaining the strength in the weakest aspect. Once this happens, the other aspects become balanced or strong too.

Kumbhak Therapy methods are also designed to address many weak aspects in the system – like low relaxation ability, weak metabolism, weak digestion, low energy, anxiety etc.

BP & Heart Problem Symptoms as seen by Kumbhak Therapy

Symptoms What It Means Solution
Pain in the back of head and neck associated with High BP Weak ability to relax in tough conditions. Strengthen the Vyana Vayu factor.
Sinking feeling associated with Low BP Weak effort making ability Strengthen the Vyana and metabolic strength
Dizziness Weak balancing ability of the Vyana Vayu Strengthen the balancing ability of the Vyana Vayu
Nose Bleeding, Blood in Urine The optimal pressure gradient at cellular level is disturbed. The blood also lacks clotting power Improve the Vyana Factor or the preservative aspect
Breathlessness caused by Heart Blockages Weak ability to create collaterals. The heart also lacks strength to function in tough conditions without disturbing normal body parameters Improve the ability to create collaterals by strengthening the Dakshinagni.
Palpitations Weak effort making ability of the system. Strengthen Darshan Agni
Anxiety Low Intake, Depressive tendencies Improve the Relaxation ability. Improve Udana
Hardening of Arteries Lack of Metabolic strength Re-establish metabolic strength
Tendency to avoid tough situations, postponing action Weak Vyana and relaxation factor Strengthen the effort making and relaxation ability
Sleeping Issues Disturbed Rhythm
Heaviness in calves and legs Weak Vyana. Hypertension Issue Strengthen The Vyana Factor

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India's Only True BP & Heart Care Program

Kumbhak Therapy For BP & Heart Care

Kumbhak Therapy for BP & Heart Care: Program Overview

Duration: 3 Months

Live Sessions: With Videos and Live Instructor on Zoom

Month 1: Learning Kumbhak Practices Content Time & Duration Purpose
Week 1 Basic Kumbhak Practices
- Filling Up the Prana Shakti Diagnosis Form
- Practice Session
Main Session: 90 minutes. 7 -8.30 am.

Practice Session: Less than 60 minutes 7 AM
Establishing Dakshinagni & Vyana Rhythm
Week 2 Practice Session 7 AM Less than 60 minutes
Week 3 Advanced Kumbhak Practices
- Aspect of Food and Water
Main Session: 90 minutes. 7 -8.30 am.

2 Practice Sessions: Less than 60 minutes 7 AM and 7.30 PM
Building Dakshinagni & Vyana Strength
Week 4 Customization Main Session: 90 minutes. 7 -8.30 am.

4 Practice Session: Less than 60 minutes 7 AM and 7.30 PM
Individual System Focus
Month 2 Practicing Kumbhak 40 Day Mandala
- Learning Hata Kumbhak Practices for Body Alignment and Balance
8 Practice Sessions: Less than 60 minutes 7 AM and 7.30 PM To internalize Individual kumbhak modules
Month 2-3 Internalizing Kumbhak Practices 21 Day Challenge Practice Sessions Morning & Evening (4) Overcoming Physical & Psychological Barriers

Every day challenges to break the pattern of disease
Month 3 Levels & Symptoms Tracking A 10 day tracking exercise to see average levels and symptoms Practice Sessions (2) Guiding people out of medicine based on symptoms and levels

Program Experience & Format

Class Group All enrolled participants are added to a special WhatsApp Class Group. The Group is the main forum for sharing of Instructions, Class Links, along with email.
Medium of Delivery The Program is conducted through live online sessions (On Zoom).
It can be attended through Laptop/Mobile.
Having a good internet connection is must.
Being user-friendly or familiar with Zoom, Emailing, PDFs is helpful.
Languages Used The Program is conducted in English & Hindi. Written Instructions are shared in English & Hindi
Class Content Live Sessions are conducted with the help of Videos & Live Instructors The instructors (mentors) watch you to see if the practices are being done correctly and with ease.
Session Recordings Access to Session Recordings is shared with all participants via WhatsApp class group and e-mail The recordings access is available for a year.
Practice Sessions They are conducted as per an announced schedule. Please note that Practice Sessions are not recorded. These sessions are for practice revisions and corrections of aspects covered in the Main Sessions.
However, recording and instructions of anything taught new is shared with all participants.
Group Mentors The class group is supported by a team of Practice as well as Technology Support Mentors. These are trained Kumbhak Practitioners who conduct the main as well as Practice Sessions.
They observe participants in the Live Session.
They Conduct Practice Sessions
Clarify Doubts.
They post information in the WhatsApp Group/Email.
They are also available for clarifications via phone/video call from 9 am – 8 pm

Please note: They are group mentors, not mentors for individuals.

Kumbhak Therapy For BP & Heart Care

BP & Heart Care Testimonials

FAQs on Kumbhak Therapy For BP & Heart Care

Most frequent questions and answers

1. How long does it take to come out of BP & Heart Conditions?

Chronic ailments like hypertension and heart problems do not happen overnight. They take a long time to grow in the system before they manifest as symptoms.
Because every system is different and has its own internal condition of strength and weakness of healing, the time taken to come out of BP and heart conditions varies from person to person. It can be anything from a month to 6 months to a year or more.

2. I have had surgery/bypass/angioplasty done? Can I do Kumbhak?

Any surgery or intervention may provide temporary relief but does not strengthen the affected organ. To gain strengthen so that future surgeries can be avoided, one needs to increase the resilience of the organ.
So, if the wounds from the surgery are healed and dried up completely, then one can do Kumbhak Therapy.  Besides, Kumbhak practices are to be done gently and as per ones capacity. The customization also helps build the strength of the weakened organs.

3. In pranayama, Kumbhak (breath hold) is not advised for BP/Heart conditions? How does Kumbhak work in that case?

First of all, Pranayama and Yoga are directed towards spiritual growth and not towards therapy. That they are promoted as therapy is different matter altogether. Breath hold is prohibited in the initial phases of yogic journey.

However, breath hold is used by everyone in daily life, whether they have a heart condition or not. When we get up from a chair, pull someone, push someone, lift something, or even focus on a point, our breath gets held.

In Kumbhak Therapy breath hold is directed towards strengthening the Vyana vayu and Dakshinagni. It has to be done gently and as per comfort.  Only by strengthening these aspects, can one come out of symptoms of blood pressure and heart problems.

4. Can Kumbhak help remove blockages?

Blockages are created by the heart to improve its efficiency and to survive under low oxygen conditions. when the heart lacks pressure. It creates blockages to increase the pressure, so that it can function properly. By creating block your heart is trying to protect you. The heart also creates collaterals or opens up more arteries to ensure smoother blood flow. When the heart is not able to create collaterals, the problems or symptoms related to blockages happen. The ability to create collaterals can be improved by strengthening the dakshinagni.

Without strengthening the heart if you try to remove the blockages, the chances of collapse will increase. You might lose 5 years of your life. Angioplasty is not scientific in nature – it is now acknowledged by the recent modern research.

5. Does kumbhak help in arterial fibrillation?

Fibrillation means vibration (kampan). When something is weak it will vibrate. The valves are vibrating because they do not have the proper strength and pressure. LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy), myocardium (muscles of the heart), Nervous weakness, muscle weakness – all can be rectified by strengthening the heart.

6. Can 20-year-old BP and Heart problems be treated with Kumbhak Therapy?

The Human Body is magic. It is capable of repairing itself to the best or possible extent at any stage. So, any old chronic ailment can be addressed. Yes, the age or the damage done inside by the disease and chemical medicine taken for it plays a role in recovery time and extent of recovery. Many people in Kumbhak Therapy above the age of 65 have been able to leave their medicines for hypertension and heart conditions.

7. Can anxiety related to hypertension and heart condition be addressed with Kumbhak Therapy?

Anxiety is the body’s response to depressive tendency in the system. It also means the nerves are impacted. It is also a sign of not being able to relax in tough situations. By working upon the vyana vayu and dakshinagni, the ability to function in a relaxed manner can be enhanced. This also helps in better health for people in hypertensive and heart problems.

8. I have multiple conditions like BP, Diabetes, thyroid condition. Can Kumbhak Therapy for BP and Heart help in all these?

If BP/heart condition developed first or is most aggravated, then Kumbhak Therapy for BP/Heart will take care of the other issues. With the help of Prana Shakti Diagnosis, the weakest aspect causing problems is identified. With customization, the weakest aspect is strengthened again. Once this happens BP/Heart and other issues are addressed.
However, if someone developed Thyroid issues or Diabetic issues first and developed BP levels later, then they need to join the Kumbhak Therapy for Thyroid or Kumbhak Therapy for Diabetes, respectively.

9. What is Prana Shakti Diagnosis?

Prana Shakti Diagnosis is a unique, one of its kind, non-medical diagnosis in the world. It’s an online form that contains questions about the participant. The questions are about their likes, dislikes certain observations about their breath, emotions etc. It also includes a recent photograph.

The Prana Shakti Diagnosis is used to

  • identify the weakest aspect in a system.
  • this works as root cause analysis
  • it also helps in determining the nature of a particular human system.

The findings in the form are used to customize Kumbhak Therapy for every individual.

10. What is customization in Kumbhak Therapy?

Customization means fine tuning a Kumbhak Method to address individual weakness in a system.

In our programs, all participants are prepared for customization.
First everyone is taught basic kumbhak methods which they practice for 7-15 days.
Then they are taught advanced kumbhak methods; they practice these for 7-15 days.
After 3-4 weeks, the practices are customized and the same is taught to them.
Customized practices are targeted at individual weak spots.

11. Do I have to leave my medicines for BP and Heart Condition, once I start Kumbhak Therapy?

No. First you build the resilience of the system and come out of symptoms related to hypertension and heart conditions. Reduction in BP levels also happens. Then one can slowly come out of medicine.

12. How much time do I need to spend on doing Kumbhak Practices for BP & Heart Condition?

Once you learn Kumbhak Practices, you need to spend about 20-30 minutes in the morning and about 10-15 minutes in the evening. Certain individual practices which take a few seconds or 1-2 minutes need to done more. Participants are guided about how to do them comfortably.

13. How long do I have to do Kumbhak Therapy for BP & Heart Care?

One needs to do the Kumbhak Practices till one is out of the condition completely. This time can be anything from 3 months to a year or more. It helps to continue with the practices to make the improved system even more robust.

So technically one can stop the practice after the situation is reversed. But most people continue doing kumbhak as it brings more to their system than just health. It changes the very nature and quality of life.

14. Can BP and Heart Condition occur again, once I am out of it? If yes then what to do?

Chronic ailments are created from within. This we do knowingly or unknowingly. So even after reversal, if a person does not manage their system correctly, BP and Heart Problems can happen again. However, with the Kumbhak Therapy known to you, you will know how to handle it, without chemical medicine.

15. Can I prevent my hypertension/heart condition from being passed on to my children?

Modern medicine also now recognizes that there is a variable part in the genes, which can be modified. This is called Epigenesis. Kumbhak is a epigenetic trigger. With kumbhak one can stop the passing of chronic ailments to future generations.

16. How do I know if I am getting cured with Kumbhak Therapy?

Your body is the best diagnostic equipment. It tells you immediately if something is wrong. It also indicates when things are fine. Once you stop experiencing the symptoms associated with hypertension and heart condition, it means your condition is getting reversed. If a person is able to perform activities with enthusiasm without getting burdened it means they are becoming healthy.

17. BP and Diabetes are considered silent killers. How to handle these?

BP and Diabetes are not silent killers, ignorance or failure to understand the symptoms is. The body starts giving signals about these, however most of us fail to recognise them. On top of it, the information available about these conditions only make a person more fearful. This does not help. Plus, the adverse drug reaction (ADR) of most chemical medicines taken is a bigger silent killer than the chronic ailment itself.

18. Any Guarantee of reversing the condition?

The doctor also does not guarantee anything. Anyways by taking medicine you are not reversing your condition. Kumbhak is the only way of reversing your condition.

Reversal in 3 months is not guaranteed but reversal is guaranteed (the time period will vary from 3 months to 6 months to 1 year or may be more than that also.) If in 3 years you can reverse all your problems, is this a bad deal?