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Kumbhak Therapy for Thyroid

Thyroid problems is a general term for a condition that keeps the thyroid gland from making the right quantity and quality of hormones. This also involves any disfunction related to the thyroid gland.

Many conditions or terms associated with Thyroid problems.
These include: Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Thyroiditis, Para Thyroid, Auto-immune conditions like Hashimoto’s, Graves’ Disease, Goitre, etc.

Thyroid Problems: The Kumbhak Perspective

To understand Thyroid problems, we need to understand how the body constructs/organises itself and functions.
This involves formation of protein structures and the transportation of nutrients, hormones and other things that move and flow in the body.

The human body turns food that it takes into glucose and proteins. Glucose is used as energy, while proteins are used to make structures like hormones and tissues etc.

Due to various reasons in the internal and external environment many bodies lose the ability to create and organise protein structures like hormones properly.
When this happens, whatever function these structures are supposed to do gets hindered or the flow of their function is not proper.
Together, these lead to symptoms associated with thyroid disease.

Another aspect of thyroid issues is imbalanced metabolism. This also plays a role in the development of thyroid issues.

In Kumbhak Sciences, Thyroid problems are seen as a result of poor protein arrangement ability and/or weak transportation of various hormones, nutrients etc.

Imbalanced Metabolism Weak Structure Arrangement Poor Transportation
  • Poor Digestion
  • Lethargy
  • Low Energy
  • Hair Quality
  • Weak Bones
  • Autoimmune Conditions: Improper regeneration and degeneration of cells
  • Constipation
  • Hair Fall
  • Dry Skin
  • Bloating
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • Water Retention
  • Menstrual Issues
  • Formation of cysts & stones, fibroids, goitre enlargement
  • Nerve Issues: As impulses are signal transport Migraine, Pains & Aches, Emotional Disturbance
  • Understanding T3, T4, TSH

    The thyroid gland produces T4. This is used by the liver which converts it into T3. T3 is used for making metabolic activities happen. When the liver is functioning correctly T3 can be low. However, based on the body’s metabolic requirement, the liver can also produce more of T3.

    TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone. It is produced by the pituitary gland in the hypothalamus of the brain. It acts activated due to anxiety (unsettled system) and/or because of protein overnutrition. When the system is experiencing any kind of physical, mental or emotional anxiety, the thyroid function takes a backseat and reduces the production of T4. This is when the TSH is released to push the thyroid gland to start producing T4. Does bring down TSH levels solve thyroid problems? No.

    Role or the Limitations of the Thyroid Medicines

    Most thyroid medicines prescribed are synthetic T4. They are used to reduce TSH levels by showing extra T4 in the blood. The medicines don’t do anything to strengthen the thyroid function or strengthen the thyroid gland. So, while most thyroid patients might see correction in their levels with medicine, but they find no relief in symptoms associated with their thyroid condition.

    Reversing Thyroid Problems with Kumbhak Therapy

    Most therapies use medicine, diet and exercise as main components to bring down or maintain TSH, T4 and T3 levels. They do not focus on the weakened factors causing symptoms associated with thyroid problems.

    Which is why even after maintaining levels, people in thyroid disease continue to suffer the symptoms.

    To come out of thyroid problems, the protein arrangement ability and internal transportation efficiency of the system needs to be retuned to have optimum strength, balance and rhythm. Additionally, the metabolic strength needs to be built to strengthen the transformative ability of the system.

    Kumbhak Therapy uses methods that are directed towards strengthening these two aspects along with other factors like metabolism, digestion, immunity, hormonal balance etc.

    Plus, two differentiators make Kumbhak Therapy unique:

    • Prana Shakti Diagnosis for root cause determination. This helps in identifying the weakest aspect causing problems in the system.
    • Customised Practices or solutions: By identifying the weakest aspect, practices are customized as per individual systems and the kumbhak method is directed towards re-gaining the strength in the weakest aspect. Once this happens, the other aspects become balanced or strong too.

    India's Only True Thyroid Reversal Program

    Kumbhak Therapy For Thyroid

    Kumbhak Therapy for Thyroid Program Overview

    Duration: 3 Months

    Live Sessions: With Videos and Live Instructor on Zoom

    Month 1
    Week 1 Main Session #1: 12:30 - 2:00 PM
    (Duration 2 hours plus Q & A)
    Practice Session, 6:45 AM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour)
  • Orientation
  • Diagnosis Form Filling
  • Basic Kumbhak Module
  • Week 2 Practice Session, 6:45 AM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour)
    Week 3 Main Session #2: 12:30 - 2:00 PM
    (Duration: 90 minutes plus Q & A)
    Practice Session, 6:45 AM & 7:30 PM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour)
  • Introduction of Advanced Kumbhak Module
  • Establishing Advanced Kumbhak Practices
  • Unique Food/Diet Perspective
  • Week 4 Practice Session, 6:45 AM & 7:30 PM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour)
    Month 2
    Week 5 Customization Session #3: 12:30 - 2:00 PM
    (Duration 90 minutes plus Q & A)
  • Introduction of Customized Practice
  • Week 6 Practice Session, 6:45 AM & 7:30 PM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour plus Q&A)
  • Introduction of Hastha Kumbhak Practice
  • Week 7 Practice Session, 6:45 AM & 7:30 PM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour plus Q&A)
    Week 8 Practice Session, 6:45 AM & 7:30 PM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour plus Q&A)
    Month 3
    Week 9 Customization Session #3: 12:30 - 2:00 PM
    (Duration 90 minutes plus Q & A)
  • Group Session with Swami
  • Weekly Lifestyle Challenges
  • Level Tracking\Q&A Session
  • Week 10 Practice Session, 6:45 AM & 7:30 PM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour plus Q&A)
    Week 11 Practice Session, 6:45 AM & 7:30 PM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour plus Q&A)
    Week 12 Practice Session, 6:45 AM & 7:30 PM
    (Duration: Less than 1 hour plus Q&A)
  • Class Group Converts into Support Group
  • Program Experience & Format

    Class Group All enrolled participants are added to a special WhatsApp Class Group. The Group is the main forum for sharing of Instructions, Class Links, along with email.
    Medium of Delivery The Program is conducted through live online sessions (On Zoom).
    It can be attended through Laptop/Mobile.
    Having a good internet connection is must.
    Being user-friendly or familiar with Zoom, Emailing, PDFs is helpful.
    Languages Used The Program is conducted in English & Hindi. Written Instructions are shared in English & Hindi
    Class Content Live Sessions are conducted with the help of Videos & Live Instructors The instructors (mentors) watch you to see if the practices are being done correctly and with ease.
    Session Recordings Access to Session Recordings is shared with all participants via WhatsApp class group and e-mail The recordings access is available for a year.
    Practice Sessions They are conducted as per an announced schedule. Please note that Practice Sessions are not recorded. These sessions are for practice revisions and corrections of aspects covered in the Main Sessions.
    However, recording and instructions of anything taught new is shared with all participants.
    Group Mentors The class group is supported by a team of Practice as well as Technology Support Mentors. These are trained Kumbhak Practitioners who conduct the main as well as Practice Sessions.
    They observe participants in the Live Session.
    They Conduct Practice Sessions
    Clarify Doubts.
    They post information in the WhatsApp Group/Email.
    They are also available for clarifications via phone/video call from 9 am – 8 pm

    Please note: They are group mentors, not mentors for individuals.

    Kumbhak Therapy For Thyroid

    Thyroid Reversal Testimonials

    FAQs on Kumbhak Therapy For Thyroid

    Most frequent questions and answers

    1. How long does it take to come out of Thyroid Conditions?

    Chronic ailments like thyroid problems do not happen overnight. They take a long time to grow in the system before they manifest as symptoms.
    Because every system is different and has its own internal condition of strength and weakness of healing, the time taken to come out of Thyroid conditions varies from person to person. It can be anything from a month to 6 months to a year or more.

    2. Can Kumbhak Therapy help in Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism and other forms of Thyroid Issues?

    All thyroid problems are due to weakness in the ability of arrange proteins properly and the weak internal transportation mechanism. This can’t be fixed with medicines. Kumbhak therapy is directed towards strengthening these aspects. By doing Kumbhak therapy practices, one can build the strength, balance and rhythm of the system and slowly come out of the symptoms related to thyroid problems. There is no other way.

    3. Can kumbhak therapy help in autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, Grave’s disease etc.

    The body constantly generates new cells and destroys old cells. This is done as per a certain rhythm and balance. A disturbance in the regeneration and destruction of old cells leads to the immune system getting into an overdrive. This is mostly body’s response to risk factors in the external or internal environments or both.

    Kumbhak therapy helps in re-establishing this balance. Once the balance is restored and the body’s resilience to risk factors increases, one can come out of auto immune conditions.

    4. I have Thyroid plus sugar and bp problems, how will kumbhak help?

    Thyroid is the mother hormone that leads to proper functioning of the whole system. A disturbance in the quality and flow of thyroid can lead to weak metabolism or fluctuations in the system. This can result in higher sugar or BP levels – this again is the bodies response to manage itself in tough conditions. However, if the weak thyroid function is fixed, then the body will need to raise its sugar or BP levels. Kumbhak therapy is directed towards strengthening the thyroid function as well as the metabolism of the system.

    5. When can I leave medicine for thyroid after starting Kumbhak Therapy?

    Quitting medicine immediately on starting the course is not advised. First the resilience of the system needs to be built, so that dependence on medicine can be slowly reduced. Once one starts feeling the reduction in symptoms, one can consider reduction of medicine in a gradual way.

    During the third phase of the program, participants are asked to fill up a symptomatic and level tracker form. Based on the improvements of symptoms and levels, participants are guided out of medicine in a phased manner.

    6. How will I know that I am getting better with Kumbhak Therapy?

    Your body is the best indicator of health and disease. It tells you immediately if something is wrong. When you start doing Kumbhak therapy practices, you will feel a change in the system. At the first level, most people feel a rise in their energy levels. Slowly the digestion and sleep get better. The quality of skin improves. The mind gets settled and calmer. Over a period of weeks and in some cases months, the symptoms that one is suffering from go away. These are all indicators of improved health. If a person is able to perform activities with enthusiasm without getting burdened it means they are becoming healthy.

    7. Can my weight issues developed by thyroid problems be helped in this program?

    The body gains weight in anxiety. It also gains or loses weight due to weak metabolism. With Kumbhak therapy the issues of anxiety and metabolism are addressed. Most overweight people will see a reduction in the weight over a period of time. Those who are underweight will need to time to build the metabolic strength.

    8. Can acidity, indigestion related with Thyroid problems be cured?

    Acidity and indigestion are related to the heat imbalance (Samana Vayu) and disturbance in the unidirectional movement (Naag Vayau). The practices in the Kumbhak therapy for thyroid are designed to strengthen and balance these aspects.

    9. What about pains like Migraine? Can Migraine pain be handled by Kumbhak?

    Pains and aches are reflective of weakness in the nerve impulses or the transportation of nerve signals. They are also indicative of lack of rhythm in the system. With Kumbhak Therapy the flow and rhythm of the system can be re-established.

    10. I have goitre enlargement? Can Kumbhak therapy help?

    Goitre enlargement is indicative of accumulation or poor transportation in the system. With Kumbhak Therapy these aspects can be addressed and one can look forward to relief. The time may vary from person to person.

    11. My thyroid gland is removed? Will Kumbhak Therapy help me?

    Even if the thyroid gland is removed, the body does not stop functioning. However, to maintain the healthy functioning, the other glands, organs and functions need to be made stronger. With Kumbhak Therapy one can do achieve this and in the long run maintain a healthy system or a system with minimum problem.

    12. Can Kumbhak therapy help in fibroids and endometriosis?

    Fibroids and thickening of lining is a result of poor protein arrangement and weak transportation.
    With kumbhak therapy, one can address these weak aspects. Once the weak aspects are strengthened, the body will need to make fibroids or thicken tissues.

    13. Can Kumbhak Therapy for thyroid help in Mood Swings, emotional imbalance, depressive thoughts?

    All of these are indicative of hormonal imbalance. These are also indicative of a weak Udana (anti-gravity) factor. Kumbhak therapy is designed to address these factors and retune the system to a state of balance and lightness. Systems with too much anxiety can take time to recover, as in these cases the nerves which are the most sophisticated and subtle part of the body are impacted.

    14. Can Kumbhak Therapy help in bloating, water retention, weight gain?

    All these are indicative of accumulation or poor transportation mechanism.
    Bloating means retention of gasses. Water retention means accumulation of fluids. Weight means accumulation of material. With Kumbhak Therapy, the internal transportation mechanism can be retuned to function optimally. Once this happens, the above problems go away.

    15. I have had surgery/bypass/angioplasty done? Can I do Kumbhak?

    Any surgery or intervention may provide temporary relief but does not strengthen the affected organ. To gain strengthen so that future surgeries can be avoided, one needs to increase the resilience of the organ.
    So, if the wounds from the surgery are healed and dried up completely, then one can do Kumbhak Therapy.  Besides, Kumbhak practices are to be done gently and as per one’s capacity. The customization also helps build the strength of the weakened organs.

    16. I have multiple conditions like thyroid, BP, Diabetes, thyroid condition. Can Kumbhak Therapy for Thyroid help in all these?

    If Thyroid condition developed first or is the most aggravated, then Kumbhak Therapy for Thyroid will take care of the other issues. With the help of Prana Shakti Diagnosis, the weakest aspect causing problems is identified. With customization, the weakest aspect is strengthened again. Once this happens Thyroid and other issues are addressed.

    However, if someone developed BP/Heart issues or Diabetic issues first and developed Thyroid issues later, then they need to join the Kumbhak Therapy for BP/Heart or Kumbhak Therapy for Diabetes, respectively.

    17. What is Prana Shakti Diagnosis?

    Prana Shakti Diagnosis is a unique, one of its kind, non-medical diagnosis in the world. It’s an online form that contains questions about the participant. The questions are about their likes, dislikes certain observations about their breath, emotions etc. It also includes a recent photograph.

    The Prana Shakti Diagnosis is used to
    – Identify the weakest aspect in a system.
    – This works as root cause analysis
    – It also helps in determining the nature of a particular human system.

    The findings in the form are used to customize Kumbhak Therapy for every individual.

    18. What is customization in Kumbhak Therapy?

    Customization means fine tuning a Kumbhak Method to address individual weakness in a system.

    In our programs, all participants are prepared for customization.

    • First everyone is taught basic kumbhak methods which they practice for 7-15 days.
    • Then they are taught advanced kumbhak methods; they practice these for 7-15 days.
    • After 5-6 weeks, the practices are customized and the same is taught to them.
    • Customized practices are targeted at individual weak spots.

    18. Do I have to leave my medicines for Thyroid, once I start Kumbhak Therapy?

    No. First you build the resilience of the system and come out of symptoms related to thyroid conditions. The program will guide you out of medicine based on the status of T3, T4 and TSH levels. Then one can slowly come out of medicine.

    19. How much time do I need to spend on doing Kumbhak Practices for Thyroid Condition?

    Once you learn Kumbhak Practices, you need to spend about 20-30 minutes in the morning and about 10-15 minutes in the evening. Certain individual practices which take a few seconds or 1-2 minutes need to done more. Participants are guided about how to do them comfortably.

    20. How long do I have to do Kumbhak Therapy for Thyroid Condition?

    One needs to do the Kumbhak Practices till one is out of the condition completely. This time can be anything from 3 months to a year or more. It helps to continue with the practices to make the improved system even more robust.

    So technically one can stop the practice after the situation is reversed. But most people continue doing kumbhak as it brings more to their system than just health. It changes the very nature and quality of life.

    21. Can Thyroid condition occur again, once I am out of it? If yes then what to do?

    Chronic ailments are created from within. This we do knowingly or unknowingly. So even after reversal, if a person does not manage their system correctly, Thyroid Problems can happen again. However, with the Kumbhak Therapy known to you, you will know how to handle it, without chemical medicine.

    22. Can I prevent my thyroid condition from being passed on to my children?

    Modern medicine also now recognizes that there is a variable part in the genes, which can be modified. This is called Epigenesis. Kumbhak is a epigenetic trigger. With kumbhak one can stop the passing of chronic ailments to future generations.

    23. Any Guarantee of reversing the condition?

    The doctor also does not guarantee anything. Anyways by taking medicine you are not reversing your condition. Kumbhak is the only way of reversing your condition.

    Reversal in 3 months is not guaranteed but reversal is guaranteed (the time period will vary from 3 months to 6 months to 1 year or may be more than that also.) If in 3 years you can reverse all your problems, is this a bad deal?