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Kumbhak Therapy For Diabetes

In Kumbhak Therapy, Diabetes is considered and treated as a metabolic disorder. It is also treated as a Pitta Imbalance. In very simple terms, it means that the body is either not able to produce the right quality of energy or it is not able to use to the energy produced.
This is reflected in the low energy despite high sugar/glucose levels.

It also means that the system has lost the strength of transformation and this results in diabetic condition.

What is Metabolism: Kumbhak Science Perspective

To understand diabetes, we need to understand Metabolism.

Metabolism means the ability to transform inputs. This transformation is needed and works at the level of the physical body, the mental body and the emotional body. All of these function together, not independently of each other.

The first level of metabolism happens at when you eat food as food is the main source of glucose.
If the body is not able to extract good, usable glucose from the food it shows as excess glucose in the system and is accompanied by low energy.

In Kumbhak sciences we call the extract from the food as Rasa (the essence). The quality of Rasa decides the quality of the human system producing and using it.

The Rasa is then transformed into Rakhta (Blood), Raktha into Mansa (tissues), Mansa into Medha (Adipose parts, including lipo proteins), Medha into Asthi (Bones), Asthi into Maza (bone marrow) and finally into Shukra or reproductive cells.

This tells us that weak metabolism at any one or more of these stages causes symptoms and problems related to Diabetes.

Reversing Diabetes With Kumbhak Therapy

Most Diabetes management programs use diet and exercise as main components to bring down and maintain sugar levels.

Whereas kumbhak treats diabetes as a metabolic disorder and addresses diabetes from this perspective. So, Kumbhak therapy focuses on metabolism and not blood sugar management alone.

Kumbhak helps in re-establishing lost metabolic strength, balance and rhythm, by addressing various transformative factors like Gharyapata Agni, Jathar Agni, Kosth Agni, and Chitta Agni.

Plus, There are 2 differentiators that make kumbhak therapy unique:

  • Prana Shakti Diagnosis for root cause determination: This helps in identifying the weakest aspect causing problems in the system.
  • Customized Practices or solutions: By identifying the weakest aspect, practices are customized as per individual systems and the kumbhak method is directed towards re-gaining the strength in the weakest aspect. Once this happens, the other aspects become balanced or strong too.

The participants in our online program for Diabetes Reversal with Kumbhak Therapy learn simple to do Kumbhak Methods that are directed inwards to re-establish the metabolic strength, rhythm and balance of the organs and functioning.

The methods are also designed to address many weak aspects in a diabetic system – like low detox, weak digestion, low energy, low healing power, low holding power that results in muscle and tissue loss.


How is Kumbhak Therapy different from other therapies for Reversal of Diabetes?

Most therapies focus on bringing down the glucose levels with either medicine and/or diet management and/or exercise. While these help in maintaining sugar levels, these do not do anything to strengthen the weakened organ or function which is forcing the body to produce extra glucose in the first place.

Kumbhak Therapy is directed towards strengthening the weakened metabolism, weakened organ or function in a system. Also, unlike most therapies, it includes the unique Prana Shakti Diagnosis for root cause determination and customization for each individual.

Diabetic symptoms as seen by Kumbhak Therapy

Month 1: Learning Kumbhak Practices Content Time & Duration Purpose
Week 1 Basic Kumbhak Practices
- Filling Up the Prana Shakti Diagnosis Form
- Detox Process
- Practice Session
Main Session: 90 minutes. 7 -8.30 am.

Practice Session: Less than 60 minutes 7 AM
Establishing Metabolic Rhythm
Week 2 Practice Session 7 AM Less than 60 minutes
Week 3 Advanced Kumbhak Practices
- Aspect of Food and Water
Main Session: 90 minutes. 7 -8.30 am.

2 Practice Sessions: Less than 60 minutes 7 AM and 7.30 PM
Building Metabolic Strength
Week 4 Customization Main Session: 90 minutes. 7 -8.30 am.

4 Practice Session: Less than 60 minutes 7 AM and 7.30 PM
Individual System Focus
Month 2 Practicing Kumbhak 40 Day Mandala
- Learning Hata Kumbhak Practices for Body Alignment and Balance
8 Practice Sessions: Less than 60 minutes 7 AM and 7.30 PM To internalize Individual kumbhak modules
Month 2-3 Internalizing Kumbhak Practices 21 Day Challenge Practice Sessions Morning & Evening (4) Overcoming Physical & Psychological Barriers

Every day challenges to break the pattern of disease
Month 3 Levels & Symptoms Tracking A 10 day tracking exercise to see average levels and symptoms Practice Sessions (2) Guiding people out of medicine based on symptoms and levels

India's Only True Diabetes Reversal Program

Kumbhak Therapy For Diabetes

Kumbhak Therapy for Diabetes: Program Overview
Duration: 3 Months
Live Sessions: With Videos and Live Instructor on Zoom

Program Experience & Format

Class Group All enrolled participants are added to a special WhatsApp Class Group. The Group is the main forum for sharing of Instructions, Class Links, along with email.
Medium of Delivery The Program is conducted through live online sessions (On Zoom).
It can be attended through Laptop/Mobile.
Having a good internet connection is must.
Being user-friendly or familiar with Zoom, Emailing, PDFs is helpful.
Languages Used The Program is conducted in English & Hindi. Written Instructions are shared in English & Hindi
Class Content Live Sessions are conducted with the help of Videos & Live Instructors The instructors (mentors) watch you to see if the practices are being done correctly and with ease.
Session Recordings Access to Session Recordings is shared with all participants via WhatsApp class group and e-mail The recordings access is available for a year.
Practice Sessions They are conducted as per an announced schedule. Please note that Practice Sessions are not recorded. These sessions are for practice revisions and corrections of aspects covered in the Main Sessions.
However, recording and instructions of anything taught new is shared with all participants.
Group Mentors The class group is supported by a team of Practice as well as Technology Support Mentors. These are trained Kumbhak Practitioners who conduct the main as well as Practice Sessions.
They observe participants in the Live Session.
They Conduct Practice Sessions
Clarify Doubts.
They post information in the WhatsApp Group/Email.
They are also available for clarifications via phone/video call from 9 am – 8 pm

Please note: They are group mentors, not mentors for individuals.

Kumbhak Therapy For Diabetes

Diabetes Reversal Testimonials

FAQs on Kumbhak Therapy For Diabetes

Most frequent questions and answers

Is high blood sugar not considered as Diabetes in Kumbhak Therapy?

Kumbhak Therapy does not consider high glucose as a disease but a symptom of the diabetic condition. Unlike Allopathy, the therapy also looks beyond the pancreatic function. High glucose can be a resultant of many factors.

For example:

  • Liver Pathology: Weak digestion, Irritated Liver resulting in Insulin resistance, weak immunity, weak nerves and hormonal function.

  • Adrenal Fatigue: Commonly known as anxiety, this leads to an unsettled system and mental overactivity and therefore low metabolism. This is often seen in the morning fasting sugars where the liver is forced to throw in extra glucose in the system so that it can perform its functions.

Can Diabetes be reversed with Kumbhak Therapy?

Diabetes as defined earlier means low metabolic capability of the system. By directing the strength creating ability of the system towards organs and functions, metabolism can be revived and strengthened. This leads to reversal of the diabetic condition.

How long do I have to do kumbhak therapy for Diabetes?

Chronic ailments like diabetes take a long time to grow in the system before they manifest as symptoms. Because every system is different and has its own internal condition of strength and weakness of healing.

The time taken to come out of diabetes varies from person to person. It can be anything from 3 months to year or more. One needs to do the kumbhak practices till one is out of the condition completely. So technically one can stop the practice after the situation is reversed. But most people continue doing kumbhak as it brings more to their system than just health. It changes the very nature and quality of life.

In Kumbhak Therapy about 80% participants report higher energy, reduced hunger pangs, reduced frequent urination, better digestion and sleep in a 3 months period.

How much time do I need to spend daily on doing kumbhak practices for Diabetes?

Once you learn Kumbhak Practices, you need to spend about 20-30 minutes in the morning and about 10-15 minutes in the evening. Certain individual practices which take a few seconds or 1-2 minutes need to done more. Participants are guided about how to do them comfortably.

Can Diabetes occur again, once I am out of it? If yes then what to do?

Chronic ailments are created from within. This we do knowingly or unknowingly. So even after reversal, if a person does not manage their system correctly, diabetes can happen again. However, with the Kumbhak Therapy known to you, you will know how to handle it.

Can Kumbhak Therapy help in retinopathy, neuropathy, numbness, erectile dysfunction & other conditions associated with Diabetes?

Retinopathy, neuropathy, numbness, inefficient kidney functioning, erectile dysfunction are signs of weak metabolism. By strengthening the weakened metabolism, these issues can be addressed. In Kumbhak therapy, the weakest aspect causing these is identified and the effort is directed towards strengthening it. Over a period of time, a person can overcome these issues. In the case of neuropathy, the nerves are impacted. Wherever the nerves are impacted, the issues related with them (neuropathy, anxiety) take longer to be cured, as nerves are the most sensitive and sophisticated part of the body.

Can organ damage caused by diabetes be handled with Kumbhak Therapy?

In allopathy organ damage is attributed to high glucose levels in the blood. However, modern research also shows that to repair a damaged organ, any injury or to fight an infection, extra glucose is needed by the system.

In Kumbhak Therapy, organ damage is considered as an outcome of weakened metabolism. To manage or repair the damaged organ, the body produces high glucose. With customized kumbhak therapy, healing effort is directed towards the weakened or damaged organ. Over a period of time, the organ can be strengthened again.

I have multiple conditions like Diabetes, BP, thyroid condition. Can Kumbhak Therapy for Diabetes help in all these?

If diabetes developed first or is most aggravated, then Kumbhak Therapy Program for Diabetes will take care of the other issues. With the help of Prana Shakti Diagnosis, the weakest aspect causing diabetes and other problems is identified. With customization, the weakest aspect is strengthened again. Once this happens, diabetes and other issues are addressed.

However, if someone developed Thyroid issues or BP/Heart Issues first and developed diabetic levels later, then they need to join the Kumbhak Therapy for Thyroid or Kumbhak Therapy for BP/heart, respectively.

Can 20-year-old Diabetes be treated with Kumbhak Therapy?

The Human Body is magic. It is capable of repairing itself to the best or possible extent at any stage. So, any old chronic ailment including diabetes can be addressed. Yes, the age or the damage done inside by the disease and chemical medicine taken for it plays a role in recovery time and extent of recovery. Many people in Kumbhak Therapy above the age of 65 have been able to leave their medicines including insulin. Many have been able to leave medicines for BP, Heart problems, Asthma, Thyroid condition.

Can I prevent my diabetes from being passed on to my children?

Modern medicine also now recognizes that there is a variable part in the genes, which can be modified. This is called Epigenesis. Kumbhak is a epigenetic trigger. With kumbhak one can stop the passing of chronic ailments to future generations.

Can Type 1 Diabetes be treated with Kumbhak Therapy?

Type 1 diabetes means that the beta cells in the pancreas are not able to produce insulin, which forces the body to produce extra glucose to make for this weak function. Now every organ has stem cells. When these get a natural trigger like Kumbhak, they can be revived. However, this takes time. Once the organ is revived, insulin dependence can be removed.

So if a person developed Type 1 Diabetes after birth, pancreas rejuvenation is possible.

If the person is born with a non-functioning pancreas, the revival may not be possible. However, even in this case kumbhak therapy will help in strengthening other aspects that are needed to run the system and future medicine dependence can be minimized.

Does Kumbhak Therapy work for children below 16 years with Type 1 Diabetes?

In recent times, children are getting into chronic ailments like Type 1 Diabetes, BP, Thyroid issues, cancer etc. This is because incessant use of chemical medicines in the last 100 years or so have made the human genome weak. So, the human race currently is producing unhealthy babies.  Many of the children can grow up to be healthy again, if supported by natural activities or natural diet.

Currently, we do not suggest Kumbhak Therapy for children below 16 years of age as they are still in the growing phase and the body is not fully developed.

Children below 16 need to be handled differently. Currently we do not have a Kumbhak Therapy program for them. However, we hope to address this in near future.

How is Kumbhak Therapy different from other therapies for Reversal of Diabetes?

Most therapies focus on bringing down the glucose levels with either medicine and/or diet management and/or exercise. While these help in maintaining sugar levels, these do not do anything to strengthen the weakened organ or function which is forcing the body to produce extra glucose in the first place.

Kumbhak Therapy is directed towards strengthening the weakened metabolism, weakened organ or function in a system. Also, unlike most therapies, it includes the unique Prana Shakti Diagnosis for root cause determination and customization for each individual.

What is Prana Shakti Diagnosis?

Prana Shakti Diagnosis is a unique, one of its kind, non-medical diagnosis in the world. It’s an online form that contains questions about the participant. The questions are about their likes, dislikes certain observations about their breath, emotions etc. It also includes a recent photograph.

The Prana Shakti Diagnosis is used to

  • Identify the weakest aspect in a system.
  • This works as root cause analysis
  • It also helps in determining the nature of a particular human system.

The findings in the form are used to customize Kumbhak Therapy for every individual.

What is customization in Kumbhak Therapy?

Customization means fine tuning a Kumbhak Method to address individual weakness in a system.
In our programs, all participants are prepared for customization.

  • First everyone is taught basic kumbhak methods which they practice for 7-15 days.
  • Then they are taught advanced kumbhak methods; they practice these for 7-15 days.
  • After 3-4 weeks, the practices are customized and the same is taught to them.

Customized practices are targeted at individual weak spots.