Swamy Raj Vibhu's TEDx Talk

Recently, Swami Raj Vibhu Ji was invited to present a ground-breaking TEDx talk on the transformative power of Kumbhak therapy. The event provided a platform to showcase the profound impact of this ancient therapeutic technique on promoting overall well-being and chronic conditions.

Swami Raj Vibhu Ji expounded the principles and practices of Kumbhak therapy. The TEDx talk not only shed light on the spiritual and physiological dimensions of Kumbhak but also highlighted its potential as a holistic approach to combat chronic ailments. The session inspired everyone present and the attendees took home a lot of new found wisdom.

Swamy Raj Vibhu Talk at PARAS,
ICAR, Pusa, New Delhi

Swami Rajvibhu talked about the effect of health due to age. He also talked about how modifying plant genetics is leading to a poor impact on human health. The participants were given a kumbhak method to manage old age pains and problems related to vaata.