About Astika Kumbhak

We are Astika Wellness Pvt. Ltd.
We help people come out of disease by
tuning their system back to its natural state
through our online classes.

Who are We

We are Astika Kumbhak – pioneers in kumbhak and online therapy. We help people come out of chronic ailments with Kumbhak Therapy administered (taught) through virtual sessions.

About Astika kumbhak

Astika Kumbhak is an enterprise committed to help everyone empower their system so that they can come out of chronic ailments and reduce their dependence on medicine. The organization is by and of the people who have used Kumbhak practices to come out of chronic ailments and are now dedicated to help others achieve the same.

The core of our program is Kumbhak Therapy, which is one way of directing the human mechanics. We use breath-hold methods to help everyone rebuild their functional strength. Breath-hold is the body’s natural trigger to build physical and mental strength.

Our approach is inside out. For this, we use Prana Shakti Diagnosis which serves as the road map to a solution for disease reversal. It is the only, one-of-its-kind in the whole world and helps in determining the root cause of a chronic condition in an individual.

Working towards a medicine free world

Modern medicine, as everyone knows, proves very effective in handling infectious disease and emergency situations. However, when it comes to handling chronic ailments, its impact is limited to primarily managing. This can also be seen by the fact that though there is advancement in the medical field and tremendous growth in the medical industry, the number of chronic ailments is on the rise. Something is clearly missing.

While medicine helps in keeping indicators under check, it does nothing to strengthen the weakened functioning or organs. Plus, everyone should be aware of the Adverse Drug Reactions of chronic medicine which leads to further complications and crashes.

It’s time to explore something beyond medicine. It’s time to explore a therapy that strengthens the human system from within with natural triggers and is targeted at the root cause of the ailment. It’s time for Kumbhak Therapy – a therapy based on the body’s natural way to build physical and mental strength. We believe that the world does not need more hospitals. The world needs to be full of healthier and happier people.

We Trust Technology to help Millions who are suffering

The internet has brought the world closer and reduced distances like never before in the history of mankind.
Tapping its great potential, from day 1, Astika Kumbhak has used the online/virtual method to reach out to its potential participants and to deliver all sessions in an online format.

This gives everyone the freedom to access to kumbhak therapy from the comfort of their homes.

Who all are behind this

Kumbhak Mentor's Team

Astika has been born out of the vision of Swami RajVibhu. Having gone through certain experiences in his life that are beyond the physical realm, Swami RajVibhu attained capabilities to look with certain depth into things. This empowered him to look into human mechanics and see how disease are created in a system. This capability also opened up the solutions for chronic ailments plaguing the human race.

While he was looking for people who could implement his vision, Navneet Kapoor associated with him as the enabler to help take his expertise to millions of suffering individuals. Navneet himself at that point was struggling with chronic ailments and lack of clarity in life. With the use of Kumbhak practices by Swami RajVibhu, Navneet was able to get rid of his ailments and dependence on the medicine. It also opened up an avenue that Navneet could dedicate himself to.

The interaction between these two gave birth to Astika Kumbhak (Earlier known as Third Eye). Today, guided by the vison and programs designed by Swami RajVibhu, Astika Kumbhak is working towards creating a healthier and happier world.

Our Team

Vikitha Jain

Ritu Kapoor

Reetu Sharma

Ektha Chadha

Darshna Mahtre


What is the impact

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Swami RajVibhu (Chief Mentor)

Kumbhak Yogi & Human Mechanics Exponent

A yogi who has constantly experimented with the mechanics of life. He was a sports person throughout his childhood. While preparing for Ranji Trophy, he met with an accident which ruined his right eye and the lens was removed. He being completely focused on sports couldn’t accept this incident for 3 years and always wondered why it happened. This took him to a state where he started wondering what this life is all about.

This question became such a burning question that he almost sacrificed everything to find an answer. He went to many masters but was impatient to stay for long as he could not find the direction he wanted. He became almost hopeless after 25 years of struggle. This hopeless state created a base for his first taste of the beyond and that changed his life completely.

Navneet Kapoor

Co-Founder & Co-Facilitator

With two decades in various fields, Navneet always wondered why work was not being a source of happiness. During this he also created many chronic ailments for himself. A brush with yoga and initiation into a spiritual process revealed to him that work alone need not be a source of joy but happiness within is a great source of great work. In the process, Navneet also explored aspects of the nature of life, relationships, careers, well-being and diseases. A meeting with Rajeev, started bringing clarity into his life. As a consequence, Navneet found his reason to be and this amplified his desire to of use to the world at large.

Now Navneet leads a team of Kumbhak Practitioners who are excited by human mechanics and the mechanics of life. The team’s sole aim is to join hands with as many people as possible and guide them out of disease and unhappiness.